Beeswax taper candle

  • $8.00

Lighting a candle is the symbolic ritual of offering light to darkness. The candle symbolizes the inner light and the luminous wisdom which can guide each of us through the darkness of ignorance and confusion. The candle flame is a reminder of the spiritual flame that dwells in the temple of our heart and our soul - Lama Surya Das

Candle Care

- To prevent dripping, keep the candle away from open windows, fans, or any excessive airflow, and place your hand behind the flame when blowing it out.
- Another trick to prevent dripping is to NOT trim the burnt wick before relighting! The long curled wick that you find should just be lit as is. Please note, this differs from other candle styles that benefit from regular wick trimming.
- We have intentionally chosen not to include chemical preservatives in these candles, meaning that the color may slightly chanover time or with prolonged exposure to UV light.
- To minimize smoking, use a snuffer to extinguish the flame.

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