Two hives, an immense passion for nature and beekeeping... This is how our adventure was born, Les Trois Acres, a family business since 1990.

At first it was a hobby. Stephen looked after his few hives for pure pleasure. Over the years, the number of hives gradually increased, eventually becoming the foundation on which our business is based: the bees. Step by step, through experimentation and driven by the desire to create products that respect the environment and are good for health, we have extended our expertise to the production of beeswax based skincare products and gourmet food derived from the hive.

We create our products in our honey farm located in the Eastern Townships where we live in harmony with nature, surrounded by birds and bees flying peacefully in the sky of the magnificent village of Dunham. Come see us at our store, we will be very happy to welcome you there!

 Looking forward,

Liliane & Stephen