Pillar candles

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Lighting a candle is the symbolic ritual of offering light to darkness. The candle symbolizes the inner light and luminous wisdom that can guide each of us through the darkness of ignorance and confusion. The flame of the candle is a reminder of the spiritual flame that inhabits the temple of our heart and soul – Lama Surya Das

Candle care 

- Trim the wick to 1/4 inch before each lighting.
- To avoid tunneling, burn for at least 3 hours each time and bring the hot sides toward the flame to melt the walls. This will use all available fuel and extend the burn time. This will also help reduce overly large flames.
-To avoid uneven burns and wax drips, use a metal tool to straighten a wick bent in the opposite direction. Make sure you don't let the wick stick out of the pool of melted wax to prevent it from breaking.
- To avoid smoke when extinguishing the flame, drop wax from the melted pool onto the burning wick using a tool.

Approximate burn time

3”x3” 30-40h

3x”4” 40-50h

3”x5” 50-60h

3”x”6” 60-70h

3”x”9” 80-100h


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